Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP)

Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides Physiotherapy Services through a network of contracted private clinics with their Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP). Together with your Physiotherapist, you can develop a plan to maximize your physical function. 

To find out if some of your Physical Therapy costs will be covered by Alberta Health Services, call our clinic and ask for an AHS funded assessment. Funded visits are available at our Alberta Health Services funded clinic locations.

To see if you qualify, the Physiotherapist will assess:

  • the impact of your injury or condition has on your daily activities
  • the benefits you are to likely get from Physical Therapy

After the assessment, your therapist will complete a Determination of Need (DON) form. If your score on this form is 7 or higher, you may qualify for Alberta Health Services funded treatments.

1. If you do qualify for AHS funded treatments, you will be provided the following:

  • treatment at the clinic
  • education to help you understand your condition and manage daily living
  • an exercise program

2. If you do not qualify for Alberta Health Services (AHS) funded treatments based on this assessment, you may want to look into:

  • extended health care benefits
  • seek a second opinion through assessment at another Physiotherapy clinic which is contracted by Alberta Health Services

What does AHS cover after the initial assessment?

  1. If a client meets low-income eligibility criteria per fiscal year (April 1-March 31) - limited to one episode of care per fiscal year and proof of eligibility is required; a patient may receive additional treatments
  2. If you have recently broken a bone or a recently designated muscle, bone, or joint surgery per fiscal year
    (April 1-March 31); you may receive up to six treatments

If you need more than the allotted treatments, the extra visits may be covered by other health benefits
If you have no other coverage, you can ask your therapist to apply for a review of your case by Alberta Health Services to see if additional treatments may be covered. If additional treatments are not covered, you are responsible for the additional cost.

What are my other options?
If you do not want to wait for an Alberta Health Services funded assessment, or you don't qualify after having had your AHS funded assessment, you may choose to pay a Physiotherapist privately or use your extended health care benefits or your insurance.

  • If you were hurt on the job, the Workers Compensation Board may pay for your treatment
  • If you were injured in a Motor Vehicle Collision, your insurance may cover it
  • You may also have coverage through other health benefits or insurance
  • You can also choose to pay privately



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