Diagnostic Imaging Referrals

As of May 1, 2012, authorized Physiotherapists in Alberta are able to refer patients for x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI diagnostic services. When indicated these tests can facilitate accurate diagnosis, help determine appropriate clinical treatment plans and provide a basis for specialist referral.

X-rays are best used for assessing bones and joint integrity such as a fracture or dislocation and are also very useful for demonstrating signs of osteoarthritis.  Ultrasound is very good for evaluating soft tissues such as muscle and tendon, particularly those close to the surface.  Rotator cuff tears, torn hamstring muscle and rupture of the plantar fascia are examples of injuries that are well evaluated with ultrasound.

MRI is very effective at looking deep into the body and differentiating soft tissue structures like nerves, tendons, muscle and cartilage.  Knee ligament damage, spinal nerve root impingements and shoulder labral tears are examples of conditions where MRI is very helpful in providing a clear diagnosis.

If diagnostic imaging is warranted, your physiotherapist will determine the appropriate test for providing the most clinically useful information.  Imaging results can then be incorporated into your treatment plan.

Our therapists that are able to prescribe diagnostic imaging referrals are:

Call 780-458-8505 to book an appointment for an assessment where our Physiotherapists will evaluate if you need to be referred for diagnostic imaging. Should you need the referral, our therapists will provide the information and referral form required to attend an MIC centre for testing.


What to Expect

On Your First Visit

Initially when you come in to the clinic, we will have you check in with our receptionists who will have forms for you to fill out consenting for your treatment before you see the Physiotherapist/Massage Therapist. We ask that you arrive a few minutes early for your appointment to provide time to complete this.

Your Physiotherapy Assessment will take approximately 60 minutes, in which the therapist will discuss your case history, the nature of the injury and any other relevant information. and contributing factors. Along with a physical evaluation of the affected area they will determine the cause of the injury and how best to treat you as effective and efficiently as possible. From there, they will determine a treatment plan that will best suit your needs and share this with you before beginning treatment that day.

On Follow Up Visits

Subsequent visits can range from approximately 45-70 minutes in length depending on your course of treatment. The session may involve various forms of treatment based on the individual’s needs.

What to Bring With You

* Alberta Health Care number
* Extended Health Care information (if applicable)
* You do not need a doctor's referral to book in but should you have one, please bring it in with you so we can add a copy to your file 

Motor Vehicle Accident
The insurance forms AB-1 and AB-2 will be completed by our staff at your initial appointment
* Policy Number
* Police report 
* Claim number (if you have)

WCB Claims
* Alberta Health Care number
* Claim number (if you have)

* Looser fitting or accessible garment to access a specific body site
* We do have gowns, t-shirts and shorts that you can use for the appointment if need be

Cancellation & No Show Policy

We require 24 hours notice for the cancellation of your appointment.  If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, or no show, a cancellation fee of $40 will be charged to you. For Massage Therapy appointments, the full cost of the appointment, can be charged.

*Please note that if there is a valid extenuating circumstance, please let our staff know & the policy may not be waved.*

What to Expect

We understand that you may have a few questions before visiting our clinics for your initial appointment.

Book an Appointment

Book in for an appointment with one of our qualified Active Physio Works Physiotherapists &
Registered Massage Therapists.


We understand each person is different so we offer a variety of techniques that are best suited to your individual needs.